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Why Us ?

Posted by: 12 Feb 2013



Do you know that it is an established fact of scientific history that almost all major original discoveries in science and mathematics have come from people who are aged between 14 and 22?  This is the age group at which creativity is at its peak. Later the thinkers become more analytical than original and creative.

Yet a tragic and parallel running fact is, at this beautiful age when creativity should have been allowed a free run, probing and analysis should have been the order of the day, the young and fertile minds are mercilessly forced to follow the mono dimensional world of ‘completing the syllabus and acquire high marks. ‘ We, a group of present and ex-IITians are endeavoring to change that without disturbing the demands of the usual school curriculum.

Why Us?                       

As we have been engaged in the pure academic world! Some of us have spent the past decade of our life among children of this age group and produced amazing results. We have developed a deeper insight into children’s minds. We know their capabilities and how to orient them towards creative thinking.

What we intend to do is this     

The fundamental motivation for going through a course like this at this stage in the student’s academic life is the basic difference between the requirements for competitive exams like the Olympiad, IIT JEE, AIIMS and the pattern of school education. In – keeping with the requirements of the X and XII board exams, students are required to memorize subject matter and present it only in a prescribed format. This means that the IIT JEE, AIIMS and other engineering and medical entrance exams require special preparation. A student who excels in the X and XII board exam will not be able to clear exams solely on the basis of his/her preparation for the board exams.

Why each one of you should be interested in the courses?

The experience apart form the pure joy of learning will change your entire outlook and approach towards studying. In addition, of course, this course will excellently lay the foundation for the various competitive entrance tests to the most elite educational institutions of this country and abroad whether in the field of engineering, medical or pure science. (Hence, taking our course will be a great boost to the student’s efforts towards the IIT JEE and other competitive entrance exams.) So if you are aiming for getting higher education in institutions of national and international repute this course offers you a very good beginning.


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