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Posted by: 12 Feb 2013



Faculty : The key strength of YLC is its extremely knowledgeable and experienced faculty team which is comparable to the best in the field. YLC provides regular training to its faculty so that they are abreast of the latest teaching practices and methods to enrich themselves with the ultimate aim of providing unmatched training and guidance to IIT aspirants. We are the only institute to have an exclusive in-house faculty team of full-time IlTians. Our institute has the best faculty-to-student ratio.

Outstanding results in Gujarat : YLC has been consistently producing the highest number of rankers year after year through its classroom programs at lIT JEE. Some of YLC’s achievements are as follows:

  • Top Ranks in IIT AIR-18,  AIR-42, AIR-72, AIR-86*, AIR-104, AIR- 145 *, AIR- 169, AIR- 183, AIR- 198,  AIR- 203, AIR-215*, AIR-245, AIR-252, AIR-261, AIR-293, AIR-329, AIR-386, AIR-419.
  • 86 Ranks in Top 50 AIEEE

Regularly producing successful students at Physics, Chemistry, Maths & Astronomy Olympiads.

Course Structure : YLC offers a very professionally and systematically designed course structure for all its programs. The course structure is an optimal mix of intensive classroom lectures, problem solving classes, doubt clearing sessions, periodic tests and feedback. Graded assignment sheets, in-class tutorial sheets and additional practice problems help to give confidence to the students. The courses are finished well in advance to allow adequate time for revision and mock tests.

Unique paper solving tricks : YLC provides tricks and methods to solve tough questions in as little time as possible. Tips are also given to memorize and understand long and complex concepts.

Study Material : A core team of IITians ensure that the study material provided to students is in-depth, exhaustive and updated. Study Material is designed in different levels that covers School’s syllabus, JEE mains , JEE Advance / NEET which not only helps in gradually building concepts but also gives confidence to the students to crack  the toughest problems of JEE and secure good marks in School Examinations


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